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  the triton ev

The Triton 4x4 EV

Alternative energy sources will be central in addressing societies concerns with peak oil and carbon dioxide emissions. Fuel can be a major input cost on farm and the CO2 emissions of all industries are now being examined. This aspect of the project has seen the conversion of a Mitsubishi Triton GLX-R to electric power. Electric vehicles are only as environmentally friendly as their power source so this vehicle is charged using 100% Countrygreen (Country Energy’s certified renewable power). [Our entire farm electricity requirements are also supplied by Countrygreen]

This vehicle capable of all normal on farm 4x4 work and was also designed to pull the Agrowplow AD Hybrid Discdrill. As the vehicle is charged using only Wind, Hydroelectric and solar renewable power, it is a true Zero Emission Vehicle. The embodied energy for the vehicle and machinery production is easily offset with only a portion of the trees we have planted on farm this year. The use of this vehicle for both ‘No Kill’ and ‘Pasture cropping’ will mean that its operation actively assists in the sequestering of carbon in the soil. This is one better than carbon neutral. This 2.1 ton 4x4 vehicle could arguably be described as the most environmentally friendly vehicle in the world.

We have enough solar generating capacity on farm to supply the needs of the Triton EV. This power is fed into the grid during the day and used again to charge the vehicle at night, when demand is low.


It is possible to have a vehicle that has no emissions and is charged using only renewable resources.

Triton EV – electric conversion specifications:

Vehicle: 2006 Mitsubishi Triton GLX-R dual cab

Motor: 150kW 500Nm Netgain Warp11 Series wound DC
(Supplier ZEVA )

Drivetrain: Standard 5 speed Triton gearbox (less clutch) with highand low range 4x4

Controller: Café Electric Z1K LV1000amps 156volts
(supplier EV source )

Batteries: 45 x Thunder Sky TS-LFP200AHA 3.2 volt lithium-Ioncells
(supplier Foundry & Fibreglass )

System Voltage: 144 Volts DC to DC – IOTA Engineering DLS -45

Charger: LiFePO4 custom Battery Charger and TS90 BMS master control unit and cell modules
(supplier EV Power Australia

Curb Weight: 2100kg

Vehicle conversion by Thunderbolt Enterprises Oakville NSW

Further vehicle modifications include...
– Custom alloy tray and Battery Box. This purpose built tray is not only light but is very functional. Shane and Ben did an incredible job in design and fitting. Supplied by Bathurst Body Works / Simmons Accessories.

– Old Man Emu Constant 400 suspension kit. This fully integrated suspension kit not only enhances off road performance and give us extra paddock clearance but is tailor made for the extra load from the Lithium-Ion battery pack. Supplied by ARB 4x4 accessories.

– Safari snorkel. This might seeem odd on a zero emission vehicle but in order to protect the electric motor from unwanted dust and grass seeds etc. the snorkel will provide a clean air intake into the air cooling system of the motor. Supplied by ARB 4x4 accessories.

– TowMaster Tow Bar. This heavy duty towbar is required for general towing as well as pulling the Agrowplow AD Hybrid Discdrill. Supplied by ARB 4x4 accessories.

– Goodyear Wrangler MTR tyres. These tyres have excellent off road capabilities and provide the sort of traction needed to pull the Agrowplow AD Hybrid Discdrill. They are surprisingly quiet on the bitumen also which is pleasant in an electric vehicle with no engine noise. Supplied by Beaurepaires.

– Speedy Wheels. Victory Gloss Black wheels. These alloy wheels are high load rated with a lifetime structural warranty. Supplied by Beaurepaires.



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